Ngur Tavur, The Charming White Sand Island in Indonesia

Now we’d like to invite you to travel to Indonesia. We will visit a charming white sand island: Ngur Tavur. For beach fans this place is heaven because we are like being on a white sand beach in the middle of the sea.

Local People Call It Raised Sand 

Ngur Tavur in the local language means “raised sand”. So if you trace the epistemology, this place is not an island. If traced from its name this place is a raised sand, Ngur Tavur. A sand dune that occurs due to ocean currents carrying sand. The sand is then piled on a shallow reef.

Because of this natural process the shape of the island of sand changes. This change in the shape of the sand island is influenced by the tides and waves that come and go.

Tourist Attractions that Are Still Outcast

A small boat is leaning on the white sand
A small boat is leaning

Ngur Tavur is located southeast of Woha Island. Woha Island is one of the islands located on the west side of Kei Kecil island, lined up among other small islands. It’s in maluku, Indonesia.

As a recommended tourist destination, this sand island is still quite remote. To get to this island we have to chart a boat. If you take a plane you can go down to Kei Kecil Island. Then you can continue the journey by renting a fishing boat which is often found in the port.

Tips for Enjoying White Sand Island

The uniqueness of tours on sand islands like Ngur Tavur is wherever we are stand on the island, we are stay on the beach. Wherever we are look at, we are on white sand facing the ocean. There is nothing on the island except white sand.

white sand island

So if we want to go there, be aware of the weather, especially in the rainy season. If we stuck in the rain while we are on the white sand island, then we are finished. Soaked in the rain. Unless we are among those who can enjoy the rain. The experience of stuck in the rain in the middle of a white sand island will surely be an exciting and rare experience. Of course we must be ready to get wet. Including all our innate, especially cellphones and cameras.

Boats with houses

We can do the strategy of taking refuge from the rain by chartering a rather large fishing boat. A rather large boat usually has houses. We can use it to protect ourselves from the rain. Both on the way and when on the island. It’s just that the rent for this rather large boat is indeed more expensive. Compared to a small boat rental of only a few hundred thousand rupiah, this rather large boat rental can be up to a million. But if we are good at bidding it can be less than one million. There is no standard price for renting this boat.

Actually, this boat rental prices are not really expensive for USD, since the rate of exchange of USD is about 15.000 rupiah.

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