The Vuar Masbaat Temple, the Invisible Gold Mountain

Vuar Masbaat in Tanimbar Kei language means an invisible mountain of gold. This temple is modest temple but it has a deep story behind it.

This time I would like to invite you to visit the Vuar Masbaat Temple on Tanimbar Kei Island. It’s the southernmost island of Maluku Province. One of the outer islands of Indonesia. As a small and remote island, this island has long been neglected. Unfortunately it’s also neglect its graceful.

Religious Tourism and Cultural Tourism

Visiting the Pura Vuar Masbaat is interesting not just because of the beauty of the architecture of the temple. This temple architecture is very modest. This modest temple has a strong meaning because of the story and the spirit behind it.

This temple was built in 2007. Located in Kampung Atas (Upper Kampong), Tanimbar Kei Island. Kampung Atas is the oldest kampong on Tanimbar Kei Island. In Kampung Atas, there is a Hindu community of Tanimbar Kei. They are the descendants of the first people who came and lived on Tanimbar Kei Island. The construction of this temple was carried out after the Tanimbar Kei community, especially the Hindus there received attention from the Authority of Hindu Dharma in Maluku Province.

Temple of invisible gold mountain
Vuar Masbaat Temple

The name Vuar Masbaat in Tanimbar Kei means the invisible mountain of gold. People of Tanimbar Kei believe that there is an invisible mountain of gold in Upper Kampong. This golden mountain can only seen at certain times by people whose the hearts are clean and pure.

In the figurative sense Tanimbar Island Kei is indeed a golden mountain. A place full of grace. Of course this can only be seen by grateful people. People whose hearts are clean and holy.

Vuar Masbaat Temple

Grace was obtained by the Tanimbar Kei community from living in a very beautiful natural environment. White sand beach with very clear sea water. They get abundant natural produce from the coconut forests they have without ever planting. Besides, there are also unlimited sea products. All of that graces made Tanimbar Kei Island became a ‘golden island’ for the people.

White sand beach with very clear sea water
Tanimbar Kei graced with white sand beach with very clear sea water

Sail There

This Tanimbar Kei Island is located between the Kei Islands and the Tanimbar Islands. This community that inhabits Tanimbar Kei Island, is not included in the Tanimbar tribe, nor the Kei tribe. They are the Tanimbar Kei tribe. They have their own culture and language.

We can go to this Tanimbar Kei Island by boat from Kei Kecil. We can charter a boat that we can ride or we take a boat that happens to be heading there. Travel by boat will be taken for 4-5 hours. By renting a boat for  several million IDR. The exchange rate of 1 USD is about 15.000 IDR.

Tanimbar Kei fisheries boat
The usual boat for chartered

If we can get a boat that happens to be heading there the price will be much cheaper. But it should be understood that the boat’s schedule is not clear. It’s schedule can go forward or back in a matter of days. The Tanimbar Kei people who are living in Kei Kecil, because they are in school, shopping, or other necessities usually know about this boat schedule by texting each other. It is the way they share the cost of travel together.

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